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Your Proud Provider of NeuroVisual Medicine

Our team at Advanced Eye Center is a proud provider of NeuroVisual Medicine, a treatment strategy specifically designed to address symptoms related to binocular vision deficiency. 

These techniques can help adults and children achieve not only clarity but also comfortable and functional vision. Whether you’re an athlete seeking peak performance or an office worker looking to reduce visual stress, NeuroVisual Medicine could help you enjoy your vision more.

Discover the transformative effects of NeuroVisual Medicine and learn how it could be the key to solving your vision-related challenges.

What Is NeuroVisual Medicine?

NeuroVisual Medicine is a specialized area of optometry focused on diagnosing and treating binocular vision dysfunction (BVD), a condition that can affect your eye alignment.

NeuroVisual Medicine can help address this concern with the use of microprism lenses. These lenses can alleviate your symptoms by subtly correcting your eye alignment.

Symptoms of BVD

BVD is caused by a misalignment between your eyes that makes it difficult for your eyes and brain to work together and provide you with clear, comfortable sight.

This condition, often undetected in regular eye exams, can result in a range of symptoms that affect daily living, whether you work at a 9–5 office job or you’re a top-of-your-game athlete. 

These symptoms can reoccur periodically and may become more frequent if the condition is left unmanaged. Some of the most common BVD symptoms include:

  • Double vision
  • Dizziness and balance issues
  • Headaches, especially after visual tasks
  • Difficulty reading and concentrating
  • Sensitivity to light

We understand how those issues can significantly affect day-to-day activities. Our approach to helping you address them is based on targeting the root cause of BVD, not just the symptoms.

How Does NeuroVisual Medicine Work?

The NeuroVisual Medicine journey starts with a survey and a comprehensive eye exam that helps us detect binocular vision dysfunction symptoms and diagnose the cause. By identifying minute misalignments in the eyes, we can develop a strategy suited to your needs. In some cases, we may even recommend additional techniques, including sports vision therapy and neuro optometric rehabilitation, depending on the source of your symptoms and your lifestyle.

Start by filling out our binocular vision dysfunction questionnaire (BVDQ), a survey designed to uncover potential signs of BVD that may require treatment before you visit us for an appointment.

Book an appointment for a comprehensive eye exam—your first step towards addressing visual challenges with treatments that can strengthen your vision.

We believe that every patient deserves a personalized treatment plan. Our team crafts NeuroVisual Medicine strategies tailored to your specific visual needs and goals, specifically through prescribing microprism lenses to help support eye alignment.

Find Out if NeuroVisual Medicine Is Right for You

When you or your loved ones are struggling with symptoms that might be linked to BVD, you can take action. Explore how NeuroVisual Medicine can support your eyes and quality of life. Contact us at Advanced Eye Center and book an eye exam to take the first step toward addressing your visual challenges. Remember, clear vision and comfortable eyes are not just about seeing well—but also living well. Let us help you achieve both with NeuroVisual Medicine.

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