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Be at the Top of Your Game

Athletes work hard to get a competitive edge, from strengthening muscles to developing strategies. But, in the game, every second counts, and your reaction time can make or break your winning streak.

Sports vision therapy helps athletes train their visual skills, like hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness, to keep their eye on the prize. Even athletes with 20/20 vision can benefit from enhancing visualization and visual processing.

Talk to our team at Advanced Eye Center to learn more about how sports vision training can help you or your child bring their A-game. 

Sports Vision Skills

Some of the visual abilities you use every day can be developed to improve your athletic achievement. Our eyes and brain perform many visual functions automatically—from informing our balance to rapidly focusing when we look from near to far. But the brain can adapt and learn. You can train your brain and body to efficiently process visual information and rise above your limits.

Some vital visual skills sports vision therapy can optimize for game-day vision include:

  • Balance—the ability to sense body orientation, stay upright, and control body movement.
  • Contrast sensitivity—the ability to distinguish between an object and its background (like spotting a baseball flying outfield) & in various lighting conditions.
  • Depth perception—the ability to accurately judge the distance and speed of objects.
  • Eye tracking—the ability to follow objects and players in motion, or keep your eye on the ball.
  • Focusing—accommodation or the ability to rapidly change focus from one object to another, or between near and far focal points.
  • Hand-eye or body-eye coordination—using your eyes to inform and direct movement.
  • Peripheral awareness—the ability to see and process things around you or the corner of your eye.
  • Reaction time—how quickly you can process and respond to visual information.

Why Do I Need an Eye Exam?

Comprehensive eye exams are a thorough evaluation of your eye health and vision. Some eye problems have few early symptoms but can show signs your optometrists can assess, like changes to tiny blood vessels or fluid inside the eye.

A regular eye exam establishes a baseline, so we can compare how your eyes change throughout the years or decades. Studying your eyes over time allows us to personalize your care and can help predict how eye conditions may develop.

Some eye problems common in adults and seniors include:

Regular eye exams can also detect underlying health conditions, like autoimmune disorders, cancer, diabetes, vascular diseases, and tumors.

How Does Sports Vision Training Work?

Sports vision therapy is an individualized training program. Like standard vision therapy, various exercises and techniques teach the eyes and brain to work together more efficiently. 

How we approach training depends on your goals, strengths, and areas of improvement. To start, we will perform a few vision tests to get a baseline to assess your visual abilities.

After discussing your needs and developing a game plan, we will meet regularly during your training program to assess your progress and adjust training when needed. Your training will include weekly in-office appointments and daily exercises. Consistency and motivation are the keys to success, so we provide regular support to encourage improvement.

Sports vision therapy lasts as long as you need to meet your goals, whether it’s several weeks or months.

Enhance Your Athletic Performance

Take your game up a notch with innovative vision improvement. Book a consultation at Advanced Eye Center to see how sports vision therapy may benefit you.

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